Essential nutrients for recovery after smoking cessation

Smoking can cause debilitating nutrient deficiencies that cause a much broader array of health problems than just cancer, heart disease, and emphysema.  (And for the record, those diseases are actually caused by those nutrient deficiencies, just like most diseases are actually a result of nutrient deficiencies.) Here are some of the things that need to be replenished/taken after smoking:

  • Good bacteria: Smoking damages the body’s microflora by destroying beneficial gut bacteria. Damaged microflora causes/contributes to almost every health problem in some way!  It is imperative that those who smoke/have smoked take probiotics regularly.  This damage to the gut’s microflora and mucosal membrane also causes a problem called malabsorption where the body cannot absorb the nutrients that it is consuming, resulting in worsened nutritional deficiencies.

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10 Simple Tricks That Help Smokers Quit

Quit smoking

Source: https://www.caring.com/articles/10-simple-tricks-to-stop-smoking

It's never easy to quit smoking. If it were, there wouldn't be so many smokers who've "quit" five times yet are still lighting up. But there are tips and tricks proven to make quitting easier, reduce cravings, and prevent relapse. Here are ten simple tricks to help you quit -- for good.

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Magical Elixir For Smokers – Cleanse Your Lungs

Different Ways to Consume TurmericSource: http://fitlife.tv/magical-elixir-for-smokers-cleanse-your-lungs/

Many long term smokers have dealt with bronchitis or persistent cough. The best thing smokers can do is quit smoking. However, if you are not willing to quit this unhealthy habit, you can at least try cleansing your lungs. Eat lots of onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric. All these ingredients are great preventive against malignant diseases. Turmeric has antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties. It also contains an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids and it is recommended for you to use it on a daily basis. Continue reading “Magical Elixir For Smokers – Cleanse Your Lungs” »


Twitter helps you stop smoking

TwitterSource: http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-helps-you-stop-smoking-2015-3

People who want to quit smoking should be on Twitter.

That's according to some researchers from UCI and Stanford who conducted an extensive 100 day study in which they followed two separate 'Tweet2Quit' groups of 20.

Participants were given a free supply of nicotine patches and were also sent daily, automated messages on Twitter. The messages were designed to encourage social media exchanges between participants — 78% of them tweeted to other participants in the study at least once during the experiment.

Members of the study were encouraged to develop a plan to quit smoking via the Web, and were asked to tweet to the group at least once a day. Auto messages were sent each day at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. — the amount of tweets in the group distinctly went up during these times.  Continue reading “Twitter helps you stop smoking” »


Using cranberry juice to stop smoking

Red berry juiceSource: http://2stopsmokingtips.com/2013/02/cranberry-juice-for-smokers/

The first few days after your last cigarette, experts advise that you drink acidic fruit juice, with Cranberry juice being an excellent choice. According to them, the acidic nature of the juice helps to flush nicotine from the blood stream faster. They however say drinking too much juice the first 72 hours can lead to gaining extra pounds.

What is Cranberry Juice?

Simply put, Cranberry Juice is the juice of cranberries (which are native to North America). When processed as a pure juice, it tastes bitter, just like lime juice but when diluted and sweetened, it becomes pleasing to the tongue. Most often, the term Cranberry juice refers to the sweetened version and not the pure juice. However, you need the pure juice which you can get at health food stores. The taste, like I earlier said, is slightly bitter, but you can dilute it with apple or any other fruit juice can for sweetness. Alternatively, you can dilute the juice with water for a refreshing and beneficial drink. It’s got all the vitamins and minerals the body needs and you can buy fresh cranberries and juice them yourself. Continue reading “Using cranberry juice to stop smoking” »


How To Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body Naturally?

838020d45b6133b64dbf3a78fd1d2597Source: http://www.curejoy.com/content/flush-nicotine-body-naturally/

Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains:

When you smoke a cigarette, nicotine circulating in the bloodstream gives a kind of high. On an average 6-8 hours is how long the nicotine from a single cigarette lasts. Most of that nicotine will get eliminated in the urine. 48-72 hours is how long it can take for most of the stored nicotine to be metabolized and leave your body. 20-30 days is how long the nicotine by-product cotinine can continue to circulate in the bloodstream.

 Vitamin C is the best known substance for removing nicotine from the bloodstream. It increases metabolism and creates white blood cells. Fruits and vegetables help your body flush nicotine – they’re good for your health, they contain water and they make cigarettes taste less appealing.

In fact, research shows that if you eat more fruit and vegetables, you may have an easier time staying tobacco-free for longer. A study, which was published online by University of Buffalo public health researchers, authors from UB’s School of Public Health and Health professions surveyed 1,000 smokers aged 25 and older from across the nation. Fourteen months after the survey, the authors followed up with the respondents to see if they stayed tobacco-free during the previous month.

What they found was that those who consumed the most fruit and vegetables were 3 times more likely to abstain from tobacco for at least 30 days than those consuming small amounts of fruit and vegetables. In addition, those consuming more fruit and vegetables smoked less often per day, waited longer before having their first daily cigarette, and scored better on a nicotine-dependent test. Continue reading “How To Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body Naturally?” »


Practicing mindfulness to help you break the habit of smoking

Beautiful woman doing yoga

Source: http://expertbeacon.com/practicing-mindfulness-help-you-break-habit-smoking#.VQ8LfY6sVNT

Here’s a hot news flash to smokers: Cigarettes are bad for you. They can make holes in your lungs, mouth, throat and (more recently) your wallet. You are likely to have more frequent illness and lost income. The smoke you exhale will also impact people around you, some of whom you love. You will die younger than you would if you did not smoke and have a compromised quality of life while you are here.

Are you motivated to quit? Generally the answer is yes with a qualifier or two. In addiction treatment, patients generally say, “Not right now. Let me get off one drug at a time.” It is a reasonable answer, but even well into recovery, many smokers are still not ready. Why would that be - given the overwhelming evidence in favor of stopping and the fact that these particular addicts successfully quit alcohol, heroin and/or cocaine?

The simple answer is that smoking is a form of insanity that the logical mind and our own better judgment cannot solve. Many smokers have been helped by mindfulness meditation, a means of slowing down the action and beginning to penetrate the experience of the addiction. Once it is better understood, a rational choice can be made (of whether to continue smoking or not). Meditation practice is also a means of developing the intention to be fully present, kind and compassionate. It promotes the right kind of effort - neither too tense nor too loose, which emphasizes wholesome thinking and outcomes and steers away from less wholesome ones. It is the effort to be here now the best we can, remembering our humanity and what is truly important in our lives. Continue reading “Practicing mindfulness to help you break the habit of smoking” »


Efficacy of fresh lime for smoking cessation

limeCompelling reasons to stop smoking far outnumber effective ways to do so. Even with recent revelations that tobacco is contaminated with the highly carcinogenic radioisotope polonium-210, the addictive hold it maintains on millions of smokers worldwide who already know it causes premature death and cancer is far more powerful than the desire for self-preservation, it would seem.

This is why effective, natural interventions for smoking cessation are so needed today and why we are excited to report on a study involving a solution that can be found not at your local pharmacy, but at your local grocer's fruit stand.

In a study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand titled, "Efficacy of fresh lime for smoking cessation" researchers from the Department of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand tested the effectiveness of fresh lime as a smoking cessation aid compared with nicotine gum. Continue reading “Efficacy of fresh lime for smoking cessation” »


What I Did Wrong When I Quit Smoking

I'm an ex-smoker, a recovering nicotine addict, and a woman with a passion to share the right steps to take when quitting smoking. When I quit, I did absolutely everything wrong, which also happens to be what most people who are quitting do.
We all reach for the snack cabinet to ease our oral fixation. We all worry and create more stress when it comes to figuring out how to stop doing the one thing that we're comfortable with. I was a one-pack-a-day smoker for quite a few years. I've quit more than once in my lifetime, most recently two years ago.
In my failed attempts at quitting, I noticed I did the following things wrong, which ultimately led to my picking up the habit again:

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Quit smoking for free with Susan Hepburn hypontherapy video

Susan says: "Hypnotherapy is powerful, .... it is a simple, yet radical way to gain control of your smoking habit. It is a mind-body revolution: a way to change the way you think about smoking forever.

"The concept of “mindfulness” is central to hypnosis and mindfulness is gathering force as a highly effective psychological tool, both in popular culture and mainstream psychology. Being more mindful to ensure that you never smoke again and you will not feel deprived or missing out on anything. Hypnotherapy does all of this.

"In effect I reprogramme your mind to not want a smoke ever again. So you are are ready to take action and quit smoking."

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